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Growth Hackers Is Growing 🚀

The turn of the season

As summer has effectively come to a close, we now have autumn’s mellow fruitfulness to look forward to. To embrace this change in seasons, we have made some exciting changes to our offerings we want to share with you.

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What is Growth Hacking?

The history of Growth Hacking

To start answering the question of what is Growth Hacking, we need to take a look back at where the term originally came from. Growth hacking is both a product of the IT bubble and a natural evolution of classic marketing as a result of the rapid technological development.

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In mid-October 2020, Google Analytics 4 (GA4) was launched. We have received several questions from our customers about how they should relate to the new version, what the differences are and whether you need to change now immediately. Here we summarize a number of advice and tips we learned after using the tool for a couple of months.

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How a data warehouse makes you data driven.

The amount of data available for your business to decide on is constantly growing. This is not what makes it difficult to be computer- and insight-driven. The problem is rather that the valuable information is stuck in the various tools you use. This leads to data silos which means that you have to try to find insights from different descriptions of reality. You can remedy this by building a cloud-based data warehouse, tailored to your strategy and business.

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