80.54% Increase in Total Growth Rate

Bolagspartner is a leading player in liquidation of limited companies and was until April 2021 Sweden’s largest shelf company creator before the division was sold to Fortnox. They contacted us in November 2017 to help them develop and grow their digital marketing channels, and we still are.
80.54% Increase in Total Growth Rate

-24% Decrease in Cost per conversion/lead

Our ongoing engagement includes running paid search campaigns, setting up and designing email campaigns and site improvements for search engine optimization. The goal was and still is to create increased sales through effective lead generation.

51% Growth rate year 3

Over the years we have been able to continuously increase the growth rate. From 11% year one to 51% year three.

Success Factors

Effective optimization

By integrating data we have been able to identify and focus on the marketing channels and formats that matters the most for driving growth

Close and trustful relationship

Through our many years of cooperation, we have growth meetings on a weekly basis and are working as one team towards a common goal.