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We help you

  • Grow your understanding of your users, what/which content works for them, when and where we can reach them and how we can move them along in the customer journey.
  • Optimize your customer acquisition and lead generation activities through an iterative experimentation process.
  • Rigorously track your marketing efforts to ensure maximal ROI and an optimal channel mix.

What is Growth Marketing?

Growth Marketing is digital marketing 2.0 and is an important part of Growth Hacking. It is an evolution within marketing thanks to improved measurement tools, making it possible to work in a more data-driven way, by constantly optimizing and streamlining marketing initiatives. The data-driven approach reduces the risk of marketing budgets being spent incorrectly, which gives us better conditions for a higher return on our advertising, Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

What does a Growth Marketer do?

A Growth Marketer focuses on not only growing the number of users and/or visitors but also takes a broader approach to the entire customer journey by creating more commitment and increasing lifetime value (LTV).

Growth Marketers analyze large amounts of data from marketing activities in order to understand customers’ needs and to be able to improve marketing strategies that are profitable in the long term.  This data-driven approach helps to create a better understanding of the key target group.

What channels does a Growth Marketer work in?

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Our other products

Technical Growth Kit

We help you implement the optimal tech stack for your business, one that allows you to optimize the customer experience throughout the entire user journey. We implement tracking to measure and visualize the impact of your marketing and sales activities. A tech start kit will create the foundation for efficient and data driven growth.

Growth Management

We create the building blocks needed to optimize your marketing and sales throughout the entire user journey. We help you implement a data and experiment driven culture that serves as the foundation for growth.