Growth Hacking

Technical Growth Kit

Technical Foundation for Growth

The growth hacking process relies on not just correct but actionable data. With our technical growth kit you will ensure that your tech stack is up to date and can churn out the insights you need to push your start-up forward.

For example:

We help you implement GTM and ensure that you track all steps in the user journey, from onboarding to retention, and attribute the right value to each activity.

We build a simpler dashboard with the most important KPIs for your particular organization.

We give suggestions for experiments, and together with you we implement the hypothesis that is expected to provide the most value.

We help you

  • To audit your current tech stack, web or app.
  • To implement the tools that fit you and allow you to reach your business goals.
  • Analyze and visualize your growth initiatives, be it in product development, marketing or sales.
  • Getting started with experiments
Read about our cases

Halebop Locall

Halebop wanted to reach a new customer segment consisting of 1.7 million potential customers with the Locall app. By growing by an average of 48% percent per month for 3 consecutive years, you could argue the team succeeded.

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