About us

Happy you found your way here! On this page you can read a little bit about the history of our company, where we are now and what we can do to help our clients.

How did it begin?

Our journey began back in 2014. Two of our founders, Berner and Tom, had started, managed and sold a tech start-up. They were working with some of the world’s leading digital brands such as Netflix and Zalando. At the same time, Adam, the third founder, was working as a marketing manager at a big media company in Sweden. 

All three were (and still are) very passionate about data driven growth so when they saw the huge gap in the Swedish market for growth hacking they founded Growth Hackers Sthlm. And here we are, with a vision to accelerate enterprises and help create unicorns.

Where are we now?

Our vision might come across a bit bold but we are well on our way.
We have a steady and rapid growth pace and today we have some of Sweden’s largest companies as well as some of Sweden’s most fast growing startups.

At this point we have 20+ brilliant employees located all around the world (mostly in Stockholm) and a daughter company in Boston, MA. Exciting times!

What can we do to help?

Ultimately, we want to bridge the gap between marketing, tech and business. Regardless if you are a large enterprise or a start up, we are ready to partner up with you to optimize user journeys and ways of working, with the ultimate goal of creating growth. 

You want to know more about growth hacking?

We have a lot of articles covering answers to the most common questions we get from meeting potential clients, clients and candidates.

Meet our team

Read more about the team and current opportunities on our career site.

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