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What are cookies? Is it so bad or are they tasty? Let’s discuss it!

No matter your job title or seniority level, cookies and online privacy affects everyone. Even if you don’t make your living within the digital world and discuss expressions like attention, awareness, and retention in your daily business, you are just as affected by the digital changes that are happening online. We as private persons are the frontrunners in the changing online marketing landscape. With regulations such as GDPR and E-privacy, we are impacting the digital landscape where privacy is the end goal.

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Three tips to succeed with growth hacking

Growth is the vision for most businesses. Although growth hacking (or management) as a term and method is a relatively young discipline within business, it can be hard to find best practices. In this article we share three tips to keep in mind when implementing growth management at your company!

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Activating your first-party data

To start utilizing the data, mature marketers use a process consisting of three steps. The first step is creating the data strategy in support of your business objectives. The second step is collecting and structuring the data. Here you need to ensure that the data quality is good and you need to combine data from several different first-party sources. The last step is to start analyzing and activating the data, using the data for marketing activities at all stages of the funnel.

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