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How often do you make decisions based on data?

When data is available and feels relevant
All the time
We make analyzes based on data but the decisions are always made based on our CEO’s gut feeling
We truly want to have data guide us, but the data is never correct
We do not have tracking and data structures in place
Something else?
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How do you measure and evaluate your digital channels and budgets?

Exposure and clicks we received in relation to budget (impressions, CPM, CPC)
Cost per desired activity (CPA, CPL, CPI) per channel
ROI per channel
We use a specific attribution model, meaning we are looking at total ROI for all channels
We use incremental profit per new customer as we evaluate against incremental cost per new user
Our agency is handling all that, they are the experts
Something else?
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Which strategy resembles your company's way of working?

We are the most cost effective service / product on the market
We are aiming to do everything 10% better than our competitors and gain market shares through that
I remember we talked about it at a conference but do not remember what we concluded
We have a new solution for an old problem and want to challenge the leaders on the market with a new approach
We want to be closest to the customer, the more we know about them the more we can offer them
Something else?
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How are you improving your KPIs?

Clear objectives and clearly defined areas of responsibility
Every department has its own KPIs and resources to improve them
KP what?
Every team decides their own KPIs after our company wide strategy and tries to find the thing that improves them
We do not have clear KPIs other than the result of the company the company a KPI:er förutom företagets resultat
Something else?
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How are you working with your products and services?

Every product/service has a prioritized backlog with new features, bugs and experiments which are updated every week with continuous releases
Every product/service has a plan which is worked through by the IT department and they release new functionalities every quarter
Every product/service has a backlog with prioritized features and releases happens every month
We have no need for that since our product/service is already perfect
Don't know
Something else?
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Which option best describes your data collection?

We are focusing on economic reporting and stir the business with the help of that
Every department is responsible for their own part of the user journey and handles their data collection separately
We have an AI doing that job
Different systems makes it hard to get an overview but we have an ongoing project aimed to make it work together
We collect a lot of data but it is hard to get it to stakeholders before decisions are made
The customer journeys are tracked in detail and the data is accessible for everyone who needs it
Something else?
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In which way are you building growth in your digital channels?

A clear strategy and objectives for the whole company and short check-ins with every product team
We are outsourcing all our new initiatives to a third party, so we can focus on the existing business
We base our actions on the data we have on our customers and have ongoing experiments, launching new functions/services continuously in order to be relevant
Hmm, digital channels does not drive growth for us, our business is offline
We make yearly plans with actions and a data based forecast on revenue
Do not know
Something else?
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Which option best describes your marketing strategy?

We do 2-4 big campaigns during a year and have fixed budgets per channels
We alternate a couple of major branding campaigns with ongoing “always on” activation in digital channels
Branding is something that runs centrally while every product team handles their performance channels
We are testing messages and target groups in digital channels and scales up the rest of the channels when we know what works
We always looking for the driving forces in the respective categories and base our decisions on that
We are acting on advice from our media agency
Something else?
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