A B2B Guide for Outbound Enterprise Sales and ABM

Brandon Redlinger Growth Director at Engagio

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Brandon Redlinger from Engagio (Director of Growth) describes his view on the so-called ABM (account-based marketing). We saw his speech at the Growth Marketing Conference in San Francisco.

Engagio is an Account Based Marketing tool that helps B2B marketers find new customers and nurture their customer relationships.

Traditionally, Sales, Marketing and Customer Success often have separate contact with a desired customer account, which often leads to no function on all the pieces of the puzzle.

5 Levels of Account Based Marketing

Brandon says there are five different levels of how to set up account-based marketing.

  1. Basic – In level one, an email is sent to a recipient.
  2. Time-based – In level two, a series of emails is sent to a recipient.
  3. Channel-based – In level three, a series of messages are sent across different channels to a recipient.
  4. Account-based – In level four, a series of messages are sent across different channels to different recipients within the same account.
  5. Full Play – In level five, a series of interactions are orchestrated across different channels from several senders to different recipients within the same account.

To be able to work at level five, you need to experiment. It is necessary to involve the right interactions, in the right channels, with the right timing, the right message and the right skills.

Get to know your target audience

You need to get to know the behavior of your buyers, e.g. what time they usually read their emails. You need to be able to balance your content between automation and personalization. When it comes to content, it is also important to be relevant in every contact. Therefore, avoid calling to check the situation, “check in” or similar. It is better if you can instead place emphasis on a business value, offer an insight, educate, or share news that can be of value to the customer.

Guide for download

To get started, see Brian’s template (link)

Summary of tips from Brandon

  • Experimentation is the key
  • Start from scratch and work your way up
  • Try to understand when your readers read their email
  • Work with personalization and automation
  • Never call and “check the situation” with a lead or a contact – be relevant!
    • offer an insight, educate, or share a news story
  • A success factor is to engage a broad team

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