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What is important for us?

Our vision is to accelerate enterprises and create unicorns. A vision like that requires guiding principles to support us on the journey. 

We have a never ending focus on our clients. We want to generate real value, perceived value and be best prepared to produce future value for our clients.

We take ownership for our role and behavior and always try to see our own part in situations and outcomes.

We embrace a ‘can learn’ and ‘can do’ attitude, we will never stop learning and challenging ourselves.

We care to share and pay our knowledge and skills forward, because it’s going to come back to us!

We try our best to be self-reflective and honest in order to break away from ineffective patterns of thoughts and behaviors.

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Basics about us!

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Favorite activities

  • Drinking beer on Fridays
  • Sport activities
  • Travel to places together
  • Having lunch on our amazing roof
  • Karaoke and music quizzes


  • ITP 1 pension and insurances
  • Full health care benefits
  • Lunch and snack money every month
  • Off work on your birthday
  • Conferences and courses