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Last Updated on October 8, 2021 by Growth Hackers Sthlm

The turn of the season

As summer has effectively come to a close, we now have autumn’s mellow fruitfulness to look forward to. To embrace this change in seasons, we have made some exciting changes to our offerings we want to share with you.

We have broadened both our start-up and enterprise offerings in order for you to be able to better meet your needs. Secondly, we have added three new Growth Hackers to our team to strengthen our international expertise as well as our E-commerce, CRO and business development services. So, despite the depleting levels of sunlight and temperature at this part of the year, we at Growth Hackers are very enthusiastic for this new season!

New offerings

After years of helping many of our start-up and enterprise clients grow with our all-inclusive growth management service, we have now enhanced this service with a couple of new offerings that can unlock and further improve our clients’ entire growth process.

An Insights product that will answer your critical business questions

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get answers about critical business questions on an ongoing basis? With our Insights solution, you will have one source of truth, that’s able to create actionable insights for you when you need them. This will lead to better and faster decision making across the board. With our new Insights offering, we are ready to help you with:

  • Tech stack optimization
  • Data warehouse and visualization
  • Implementation and integration
  • Machine learning and data science
  • Multi channel attribution
  • Data Protection

Read more about our Insights product here!

Our People Offering

A successful growth process requires people with a variety of different competences to cooperate in cross functional teams. A high performing growth team is the key factor for growth. To help your company improve the effectiveness of your team, we are expanding our services aimed at assisting you in creating the perfect growth team. We can be your dedicated “people partner” throughout the journey to foster sustainable talent acquisition and HR development that is optimal for a growth hacking organization. Our services can include:

  • Interim staffing until you have the people you need
  • Recruitment of people with the right profile for growth settings
  • Coaching sessions with your leaders, stakeholders or members of your team
  • Training your employees or new hires in growth hacking

Read more about the different roles in a growth team in one of our previous blog posts!

New team members

We have also warmly welcomed several new team members to the office – all with different skillsets and background that will absolutely become a welcoming addition to our roster. It has only been the first couple of months, but we have experienced their radiating energy and can only expect better things to come from them!

Hardwi Satrio Pinandityo (Duwi)

Duwi originally came from Indonesia, but he has been living in Stockholm for the past 2 years as he was finishing up his Master’s degree in Business Management at Stockholm School of Economics. He was a serial entrepreneur back in Indonesia where he co-founded and grew 2 startups from inception to become award-winning companies. Aside from start-up development and hacking growth, Duwi also has a keen affinity for binge-watching horror movies and Chelsea FC. He has enjoyed his time in Stockholm so far and can’t wait to work with our amazing clients!

Justin Massei

Justin is originally from Boston, has been living in Berlin for nearly a decade, and is now happy to have landed in Stockholm. A mechanical engineer and professional DJ turned Growth Hacker, E-comm expert and Digital Marketing buff. From founding, building and growing multiple e-commerce brands, to leading product marketing for a global music company, growth hacking has simply become a way of life. While both the data-driven and creative experimenting approaches satisfies both halves of his brain, he brings a passion for branding, storytelling, and advertising’s game-of-attention.

Andreas Borg

Andreas comes from a software-sales and performance marketing background. Growing impatient of not having control of what happened to the customers after he had acquired them to a website, he went about studying as much about CRO as possible and eventually found his way to Growth Hackers STHLM where his passion for full funnel optimization only keeps growing. Andreas’ other two great passions are Formula 1 and boating, so if you want to discuss this year’s season or the best mooring spots in the archipelago, he’s your guy.

How can the growth process improve your business? Let’s discuss how Growth Hackers can support and drive sustainable growth for you and your business.