World Summit Ai 2021

Last Updated on March 28, 2022 by Growth Hackers Sthlm

Almost all fields of growth, be it developing a product, or optimizing customer journeys from marketing to conversion and churn prevention are seeing a great increase of Ai solutions used to improve performance. 

At Growth Hackers we are using our data engineering and science team to increase speed and complexity in our analysis. This allows us to gather more actionable insights, faster, from our experiments and thus accelerate growth. To keep pushing the envelope on insights-driven growth and ensure that we stay up to date on the development within AI we decided to fly to Amsterdam for the World Summit AI 2021

Here follows a short review of the jam-packed two days of Ai conferencing

The conferences had 3 separate focus areas, the World Summit AI, Intelligent Health AI, and T-minus30, a climate action summit focusing on the future of technology and climate.

Here are our top six talks:  

  1. There are many interesting Dutch tech startups in the field of data management and AI development. Microsoft has just earlier this year launched a new Microsoft Research Lab biomedical implementation of machine learning.

  2. A number of fem-tech companies were there to talk about how AI is having a great impact on medical advances in women’s health.

  3. Marjin Markus, AI Lead from CapGemini had a truly inspiring speech on the importance of the social good that AI can do – and has done. He spoke at length about a number of projects using satellite imagery and AI to aid farmers and ecological researchers.

  4. A dutch company called Syntho described how they use AI to generate synthetic data that can be used instead of sensitive data such as client or patient information for model development and advanced analytics or software testing and development.

  5. There were some great panel discussions, one focusing on “How to take your start-up to the next stage: What are investors looking for?” covering topics such as:
    1. What are the latest investment trends in AI?
    2. What are the best ways to raise your investments under the current climate?
    3. What do VC’s and investors look at when making investment decisions?

  6. Gavin Pape, Global Lead CPG.AI, Growth Strategy & Advanced Analytics at Accenture struck a chord with most of us from Growth Hackers with his talk about the need for data resources available in the teams instead of siloed in the organisation to enable acceleration of insights driven growth.

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