Facebook advertising for crowdfunding projects

Roy Morejon - Enventys

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Enventys Partners is an agency that specializes in crowdfunding, market validation and product development as well as e-commerce, all under one roof.

Roy Morejon – Enventys Partners (President)

Roy Morejon tells how to best run a campaign for crowd funding, and shares some unexpected insights that emerged when they helped a new shoe brand run a kickstarter. His entire presentation can be found here on slideshare.

  • Why run a crowdfunding campaign?
  • Pre-launch – Strategy and Tactics
  • Facebook advertising – The most important thing to take with you
  • Create a sense of urgency

Why crowdfunding?

Pre-launch – Strategy and Tactics

Your keywords before launch should be:

  1. Gain trust – Create a presence and give back to the community
  2. Provide value – Create an area for your customers to visit and help solve their problems
  3. Be present – throughout the customer journey

Your goals during pre-launch, however, are:

  • Collect email leads
  • Make sure your pre-launch leads receive a welcome email ASAP
  • Keep your leads engaged with incentives to invite friends or share
  • Test audiences, images / movies and texts (however, use only a small part of your budget in this phase)

Facebook advertising – The most important thing to take with you

Have you heard of the phrase “ABC – Always Be Closing” from the movie The Wolf of Wall Street? In digital marketing, it is called ABT – Always Be Testing.

The key to converting campaigns
  • Start with low budgets, about SEK 50-100 a day.
  • Start with 3 ads per ad group. Have a basic ad in all ad groups and 2 ads with relevant copy for the target groups. Use different messages based on whether it is a previous customer, someone who recently visited the website or based on different interests.
  • Test new ads after 3-7 days.
Custom Audience lists are most effective

Build your lists using:

  • Customer lists – emails (think GDPR)
  • Web visitors
  • Facebook page followers
  • Facebook Video views
  • Look-a-likes (on those who converted)

Prioritize creating your own lists for:

  • Segment your customers in the top 10% based on Life Time Value
  • Segment based on the product type they purchased
  • Create look-a-likes for these segments
  • Segmented customer lists convert 6x better than advertising based on interests
  • Customer lists convert 4x better than advertising based on interests
  • Look-a-likes converts 2x better than advertising based on interests

Create a sense of urgency

This is done using a flow of messages during the campaign.

  • [Just launched] LIMITED Early Birds
  • Early Bird Almost Sold Out
  • Don’t miss out on this flash sale
  • LAST CHANCE: Final hours of campaign!
  • Over 500 backers, only a few early birds left

Final tips from Roy

  • Do pre-launch campaigns to bring in Leads with Facebook
  • Use Custom Audiences for Facebook advertising (preferably segmented on products your customers bought before), as well as lookalikes on previously converted customers:
    • Customer lists – emails (think GDPR)
    • Web Visitors
    • Facebook page followers
    • Facebook video views
    • Lookalikes (on those who converted)
  • Confirm your hypothesis / business model with Facebook Ads & Landing Pages
  • Moving image ads are good
  • ABT – Always Be Testing
  • Make sure your landing pages convert, otherwise the traffic does not matter!
  • Create a “sense of urgency” with the help of fomo

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