How a data warehouse can enable better decision making in your organization

Last Updated on March 16, 2022 by Growth Hackers Sthlm

The amount of data available for enterprise businesses is constantly growing. Which is great if the organization knows how to use it.

The challenge is that the information is often stuck in the various tools the company uses. In this article you can read about how to enable better decision making throughout the organization!

What is a data warehouse in short? 

Here comes a slightly simplified but at very clear description of a data warehouse. A data warehouse is a system that compiles, saves and analyzes data from all possible sources. When you have it set up you can then search for and analyze trends, patterns or insights.

And why is it important?

You advertise on a number of advertising platforms, you have an app and / or a web analysis tool, you have a CRM and a transaction database. There is a great chance that all these tools will look at e.g. a conversion made in your product a little different. Two good question to ask your self are these:

  • Do you have the same value for conversion in all platforms?
  • How is the conversion attributed to the different tools?

If you feel unsure about those questions, you can truly benefit from our help.

We can help you set up the data warehouse and then get you the answers about critical business questions on an ongoing basis. And the great part is that you will have one source of truth. Because we can enable collection of all your data from multiple sources and then transform it according to your business logic. From there we can load it to multiple destinations for immediate answers and value creation. You want to learn more about how we can help enable better (and more accurate) decision making in your organization?

Our Strategy Officer Tom Ström or our CTO Berner Setterwall are ready to answer all the questions you might have!