302% increase in digital leads

UC rebuilt their website and change their branding and they brought us in as growth strategists and technical sounding board to get a holistic approach to lead generation online.
302% increase in digital leads

107% Increase of Landing Page Quality Score

By focusing on the landing pages and keeping them extremely relevant, we were able to drive up the Landing Page Score.

+113% Increase of organic traffic

We scaled down the number of pages on the site and optimized customer flows so that the new UC.se would feel clearer and be more relevant.

Success Factors

Insights-driven development

We implemented all the tracking and we were therefore able to get a data- and insight-driven development process at an early stage.

A holistic view over lead generation

By taking a holistic approach to digital lead generation we were able to work iteratively with technology, marketing, content and SEO to develop the entire customer journey.


The speed and flexibility of the Growth Team meant that the time from insight to a live change could be kept very short. This provided a constant flow of new data for the team to iterate further on.