Empowering Growth Streamlining Digital Analytics for Informed Decision-Making

Empowering Growth

Case study

Our client’s primary need was to develop a solid understanding of the effects of their marketing strategies and how to effectively follow up on them.

This was to be achieved by setting up a reliable tracking system that would offer real-time insights into their website’s performance and customers’ digital journeys.

Another need was to ensure that the tracking methods implemented complied with GDPR rules. They also needed the capacity to replicate this process across various business areas and products within their business, allowing them to monitor growth rates and make educated business decisions.

To address our client’s needs, we focused on creating measurability in their digital customer journey. Our first step was to implement full-funnel tracking using GA4 and server-side tagging, a combination that offers robust data collection while complying with GDPR rules. This setup provided a clear and detailed insight into the customer’s journey, showing where and how the customer interacts with the business, thereby revealing areas of success and opportunities for improvement.

We ensured this process could be replicated across different business areas and products within the client’s portfolio. This expansion allowed the client to not only track a single product or area but also have a broad view of their entire business performance.

We streamlined the process to manually generate and deliver comprehensive monthly reports for each business area. These reports detail their respective funnels and growth rates, providing key insights to inform strategic decision-making. This provided the client with insights into their business performance, empowering them to make educated business decisions, something they were unable to do before due to the lack of proper tracking and data.

Results and effects

A transformative enhancement in our client’s understanding and oversight of their marketing strategy. The client’s ability to measure and track their customer’s digital journey was significantly improved, leading to actionable insights into their business performance.

The full-funnel tracking enabled through Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and server-side tagging provided measurable data on the effectiveness of their marketing tactics across multiple business areas and products. This setup not only allowed the client to monitor their growth rates in real-time but also receive monthly reports detailing each business area’s funnel performance and growth rate.

This data-driven insight led to more informed business decisions, previously hindered by a lack of clear tracking and oversight.