The different roles in a Growth Team

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Who is hacking growth? In this article you can read more about the key roles and the additional roles of a growth team!

Key roles in a growth team

The team’s main focus is often where the biggest bottleneck of growth is. Sometimes the problem is found within communication or distribution of marketing. Other times the website needs to be optimized for conversions. In some cases, the app or even the entire product needs to be adjusted. And that’s why we need a lot of different skills in the team!

Growth Lead

This person leads different activities, for example weekly meetings where the focus is on idea generation for the upcoming sprint. Another important task for the growth lead is to handle any disagreements within the team. As well as making sure the team has a solid understanding and cohesive perception of what is expected of them.

Product Owner

This person’s task is to prioritize the activities of the team. This person should also be there to resolve any uncertainties and answer any questions regarding the activities. Another important responsibility of the product owner is to dissolve silos. Also, to make sure the team has the authority and mandate to execute the changes needed to reach the objectives. 


Generating insights based on data is a prerequisite for growth hacking. Since it helps us to conclude if the experiments were successful or not. The analyst processes the data and makes it accessible. As well as to make it easy to understand for the rest of the team.


Let’s dig a little deeper into the expert roles! It is important to point out that a specialist also could have a key role in the team. A product owner for example could also take on the role as a developer and contribute with knowledge from their field of expertise. In larger companies the members of the growth team act as representatives for their respective departments. 


The type of marketing competence needed varies greatly depending on the product or the company. Some need a marketer who can optimize ad accounts. While some mostly rely on SEO – it all depends on the product or service.

Customer support

This person knows the customers’ ins and outs and is deeply involved in the product or service. The product needs to be adapted to the market and the clients’ needs. Therefore, the most value maximizing insights often come from the people who most frequently talk to the customers.


Having a designer producing different designs can be useful, since it often speeds up the pace of the experiments. UX designers can also give valuable insights into user psychology and interface design.


The person who writes code for the product’s functions and pages has a vital role in the team. It’s not unusual for developers to be shut out of the idea generation process. Instead they are given a task description for what needs to be done. This can lead to a lack of commitment from the developer’s side. But most importantly the team will miss out on ideas from the most technically skilled member of the team. Therefore, it is highly beneficial to include the developer in the entire process. 

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