Dan McGaw – You only need one Growth team

Dan McGaw

Last Updated on February 7, 2022 by justin

Dan McGaw, CMO at Effin Amazing, an analysis and growth agency, says that Growth for him is about working close to the product and creating automation processes that can lead to exponential growth. He also talks about why you only need a Growth team.

Growth work can be likened to a military elite force

He recommends companies work with Growth Teams, which he likens to the US Navy Seal Team Six. This means that the team needs to have the freedom to choose their own projects. In this way, they can go in and drive growth where it is needed, regardless of whether it is in, for example, marketing, customer service or product.

The importance of anchoring in management

The company’s leaders need to anchor the team’s work with the rest of the organization, but also the team themselves must be responsible for communicating to the rest of the company that they are there to support and help, so as not to meet resistance.

Keep it within a team

Contrary to what many others recommend, Dan does not think that a mature company should try to introduce a growth focus throughout the organization. Not everyone in the company will work with growth anyway, he says, and in larger organizations with tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of employees, he therefore sees no immediate need for it. A Growth team / department is enough.


    • Give the growth team the freedom to go where they do the most good
    • Anchor the growth team both from above and below
  • Focus on creating a growth team instead of rearranging the entire organization

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