Growth Teams


The growth process depends on a cross-functional team consisting of marketers, product owners, designers and developers. Companies such as Facebook, Google and Spotify are pioneers in having Growth Teams. The strength of having such broad competence and decision-making power is that everything goes faster! No time is wasted waiting for other players to deliver. In addition, all efforts are optimized against each other, unlike when the work is divided into different silos where one does not know what the other is doing.

Here are five important conditions for a functioning Growth Team:

  • Culture – Working experimentally will mean less successful activities or experiments. That is why joint ownership is important. Where everyone has a responsibility to contribute in decisions, in clarifying tasks, in creating security. When something doesn’t go so well, it is important to try to find solutions, rather than blaming the situation on someone or something.
  • Commitment – It is important that everyone is willing to get involved in the task. A commitment is cured by returning to the goals of the team and reminding that growth should come from the whole team, not an individual.
  • Development Resources – As it is easier to turn the product to the market instead of the other way around, it is important that speed in the experiments is achieved. This is perhaps the most important aspect of an efficient growth process. Speed ​​is more important than perfection.
  • Continuous Learning – The whole growth process is about training the team. Partly on the customer segment and partly on different growth tactics, becoming more advanced in targeting, communication and conversion.
  • Management Support – It is important that management is aware that the growth process is controlled exploration, as not having strategies can seem daunting to people in leading positions. Be sure to provide them with support in the form of dashboards and activity lists. Then, it is easy to follow the growth and which activities are prioritized into the future.

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