Audience Experiments


There are many experiments to consider with audience, channel, ad and bid. With four variables to work with, the possible outcomes of combinations are almost endless. A recommendation is to start by optimizing the target group, and then adapt channel selection, ad selection and bidding strategy accordingly by testing what and how different target groups interact with advertising material, landing pages or apps. When visitors interact, it gives an indication that the right thing is being communicated.

Start with a target group hypothesis and test a message. Usually there is a picture of which target group is best for the product / service. It is important not to stare blindly at that particular target group. Test different audiences to see what works best. When the data on the campaigns starts to come in, it’s time to cut off target groups that are underperforming and duplicate those that work well through look-a-like audiences.

If your product or service has a longer purchase cycle (eg a car purchase), you can also use retargeting. Which means you reach people who have visited the site or app before.