Conversion Optimizer


Sometimes it is necessary to go deeper and look at flows based on different campaigns, activities and behaviors. Does a faithful member really want to receive the same message as a first-time visitor? If a specific flow is optimized, it will also be competitive on most advertising platforms because ARPU (Average Return Per User) has increased and thus also ROI.

Pricing Optimization

Sometimes customers drop out because they feel that the price of the product or service does not correspond to what they get for their money – either if it is perceived as too expensive or if it is perceived as too cheap. Then tests are done to find a sweet spot, which customers experience as an acceptable price.

Optimize Division Mechanism

Now there are hopefully customers who are satisfied with their user experience and product / service. Next we want them to share their experience to create incremental or viral spread. Then the product / site / app must be built in or optimized for sharing functions. 

Incremental scattering is defined as a growth with a K-factor of at least 0.1. This means that 10 customers are acquired, so it automatically leads to another customer. Viral spread is defined as a growth with a factor of at least 1.0. This is when a new customer automatically leads to at least one more customer. Although it is unusual for a product to reach viral growth., achieving incremental growth also brings big gains over time.

Here you can read more about CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).