Channel Experiments


When the target group has been boiled down, an optimal channel choice must be made to reach the people who are part of it. There may be a hypothesis about which channels are best. However, it is good to do experiments to cover all possibilities. The benefits of online marketing is greater measurability and the ability to optimize the channel continuously by studying the data that comes in from the site or app. This will be like an ongoing training in the target group’s behavior.

Difference between markets?

Channels and tools differ depending on whether it is a B2C or B2B market. In a B2C market, it can only be good to start with the largest channels. Which is Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram which are also the easiest to get started with. Then for example, Snapchat, RTB / Programmatic, Affiliate networks, Influencer networks and SEO can be experimented with. If it is a B2B context, it can be good to start with Google Ads and Linkedin to create interest in the service and drive visitors to the website. Then it is of course advantageous if there is interesting content available to read or watch. 

To view the content on a B2B page, you usually put the content behind an e-mail form to find out who the customer is and at the same time put a cookie on the user. Then you can follow the potential customer’s journey and continue to communicate with the customer via e-mail, this is handled by a Marketing Automation system. Here it is possible to continue experimenting with several channels such as Content networks . The same channels that are used in B2C contexts can also be tested to see if they work for your particular product or service.

When a couple of channels are up and enough data on e.g. registrations or purchases collected, the cooperation between different channels may become apparent. That is, how they interact to drive a conversion. How this is tracked and analyzed is called attribution .


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