RTB / Programmatic


Real-time bidding (RTB) is an automated way of displaying ads. In RTB, advertising spaces are purchased via second-hand, automated auctions online. RTB is a form of Programmatic Advertising, but there are other forms of Programmatic as well. For example, those where space can be purchased directly, without going through an auction. Media purchases of RTB / Programmatic are often technically complicated and costly. Not least because there are often many players involved in the chain and the transparency of these players is low. This means that a large part of the advertising money can disappear along the way.

We at Growth Hackers can help you get started or optimize your existing account. Then you can increase the chances of becoming profitable in your display advertising. With our experience and the processes we have set up for Programmatic, we can buy RTB on a cost-per-action basis, which means based on conversion instead of impressions. In this way, half of the money does not disappear in technology costs or in irrelevant views.