How a data warehouse makes you data driven.

Last Updated on February 7, 2022 by justin

The amount of data available for your business to decide on is constantly growing. This is not what makes it difficult to be computer- and insight-driven. The problem is rather that the valuable information is stuck in the various tools you use. This leads to data silos which means that you have to try to find insights from different descriptions of reality. You can remedy this by building a cloud-based data warehouse, tailored to your strategy and business.

En fördel med ett data warehouse är att vi kan bygga dashboards som visar data från alla era källor.

So what is a data warehouse or a data lake?

A slightly simplified but currently adequate description: A data warehouse is a system that compiles, saves and analyzes data from all possible sources. From here you can then search for and analyze trends, patterns or insights. Here is Wikipedia’s more in-depth English explanation.

And why is this important for you to care about?

You advertise on a number of advertising platforms, you have an app and / or a web analysis tool, you have a CRM and a transaction database. There is a good chance that all these tools will look at e.g. a conversion made in your product a little different. Do you even have the same value for the conversion in all platforms? How is the conversion attributed in the different tools? This often leads you to base strategic and operational decisions on incorrect data. You are data driven but with the wrong data.

We suggest you build your cloud-based data warehouse in Google BigQuery. In this way, you can connect all major Business Intelligence and analysis systems with your warehouse and you secure the future.

We are currently building such a solution as e.g. can help you analyze how your ads and advertising platforms are performing.

If you want to know more, contact our Growth Strategist Tom Ström or our CTO Berner Setterwall.