Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation

We help you with

  • Get started and establish MA/CRM tools.
  • Train and guide you in your existing CRM system.
  • Implement Marketing Automation, Campaigns and Newsletters.
  • Connect and update current forms and contact pages into one unified platform.
  • Connects all current traffic channels that leads to lead generation.
  • Enables evaluation of your marketing on deeper measurable activity such as cost per customer instead of per lead.
  • Interested in real ROAS or ROI optimization of your marketing? Let us show you how we did this using Hubspot and our data strategy.
  • We are a Certified HubSpot Solutions Partner!

What is lead generation?

We usually say that it is about finding “potential” customers for your services and your business. Working with leads and finding new customer is an everyday task for any company, whether it is a B2B or B2C business. Because without customers, it becomes difficult to run a business, whether they are a completely digital SaaS company or a traditional store.

Lead generation & customer acquisition within Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking focuses both on growing the amount of users and visitors as well as taking a broader grasp of the entire customer journey by creating more engaged users and increasing lifetime value (LTV) for each user.

In Growth Hacking, we analyze large amounts of data from marketing activities to understand customer needs even better and develop marketing strategies that are profitable in the longer term, as well as creating a deeper understanding of the specific target group.

In which channels channels do we work with leads?

Read about our cases

UC increase digital leads

UC rebuilt their website and change their branding and they brought us in as growth strategists and technical sounding board to get a holistic approach to lead generation online.

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