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Three tips to succeed with growth hacking

Growth is the vision for most businesses. Although growth hacking (or management) as a term and method is a relatively young discipline within business, it can be hard to find best practices. In this article we share three tips to keep in mind when implementing growth management at your company!

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In mid-October 2020, Google Analytics 4 (GA4) was launched. We have received several questions from our customers about how they should relate to the new version, what the differences are and whether you need to change now immediately. Here we summarize a number of advice and tips we learned after using the tool for a couple of months.

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Data tracking – how long does it take?

Whether the goal is increased sales or lead generation, app downloads or a product launch, the first thing we do is set up rigorous data tracking. It can take a month or more in calendar time to set up sufficient tracking, get data, check that we have chosen the right measuring points, and validate that we then actually measure what we want to measure, without any error creeping in. This is what takes time! Troubleshooting and resolving special cases, small errors, new ways as developers or designers create infrastructure and content.
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